Automated accounting and tax software with AI-enabled assistant to simplify yet optimize your accounting and tax needs through immediate outcomes.
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Next generation accounting tools

With over four decades of expertise in Tax, Accounting, Debt, and Investment advisory, our founders have identified common challenges encountered by companies throughout their journey, from start-ups to established Fortune 500 organizations.

Through careful evaluation, we have developed atechnology-driven solution to address these issues. The OBCO Tech application serves as a comprehensive accounting solution, catering to the diverse and intricate accounting requirements of our clients.

Our innovative solution goes beyond conventional reporting, compliance, and invoicing. By introducing a virtual AI assistant, we provide a reliable resource capable of answering all your financial queries, eliminating the necessity for a dedicated financial consultant for your firm.

Join us today to become an early adopter of the accounting revolution!


Increased Probability of Errors and Fines

No Accounting or Misconceptions about Accounting Laws

Not all companies have the financial means to employ a dedicated accountant. Furthermore, even those that do may not undertake a digital transformation and automation initiative to optimize and streamline their processes, leading to increased.

Automation is Key!

Automation helps reduce man-hours while increasing the accuracy of your accounting needs.

High Quality Accounting and Tax Firms aren’t Affordable
But you still have to do accounting
Whether you are trying to find a cheaper accountant or the founder tries to manage it.
Now you don’t need an unexperienced or expensive accountant
Regardless of whether you are seeking cost-effective accounting alternatives or attempting to manage it independently as a founder, accounting remains an essential task. However, you no longer require an inexperienced or costly accountant. OBCO Tech offers an automated and AI-driven solution to cater to your accounting requirements. In the event that the complexity exceeds the system's capabilities, our highly experienced OBCO team provides stable and secure support, available 24/7 at the back-end.
Accounting and tax advisors
are expensive
But you always need an advice or support
Whether it’s changes in the law, compliance or problems with increasing costs in the company.
Imagine how much easier it would become!
However, professional advice and support are always necessary, particularly when it comes to legal amendments, compliance, or challenges related to rising costs within the company. Consider the significant benefits that come with having a dedicated advisor. By having an experienced financial professional on your side, you can alleviate concerns regarding the financial aspects of your business. With their guidance, you will always be equipped with a well-defined plan and comprehensive answers to navigate critical situations confidently.
What solutions
We’ve developed
In this app?
Our features:
AI Tax assistant
gives you answers on the questions you have
Builds dashboards
and tracks movement of your money
AI based automated alerts and notes,
they improve as more you use the app
Invoicing system for compliance
with all necessary comments
Multi-layer approval, different levels of access that you can assign in Admin Panel
Data set is multi jurisdictional - especially cool if you’re operating in the whole region with all countries


Be the first
to try the future
of accounting apps

We understand the problems you deal with so we really wanted to crack all of it for you to make your life easier

Q1 2024
Q3 2024
Alpha version for
pre-selected clients
Beta version
Official release