Release date
2022 Q4

Accounting & tax automated!

Automated accounting and tax software with AI-enabled assistant to simplify yet optimize your accounting and tax needs through immediate outcomes.
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OBCO tech
Next generation accounting tools
With four decades of advisory experience in Tax, Accounting, Debt and Investment, our founders have identified several common issues that companies face during their journey as start-ups to established, Fortune 500 companies.

We have evaluated all these problems, and created a tech-focused solution for this. The OBCO Tech application is a one-stop accounting solution which meets simple and complex accounting needs of our clients.
Our solution allows more than just reporting, compliance, invoicing by providing a virutal AI assistant who can answer all your questions, replacing the need for a financial consultant for your firm.

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Increased Probability of Errors and Fines
No Accounting or Misconceptions about Accounting Laws
Not every company can afford an accountant in the team. And even if you have an accountant, lot's of companies don't embark on a digitization and automation journey to enhance and efficiently manage their processes - resulting in higher chances of errors in reporting.
Automation is Key!
Automation helps reduce man-hours while increasing the accuracy of your accounting needs.
High Quality Accounting and Tax Firms aren’t Affordable
But you still have to do accounting
Whether you are trying to find a cheaper accountant or the founder tries to manage it.
Now you don’t need an unexperienced or expensive accountant
All you need is OBCO Tech, an automated, AI-backed solution to help you with your accounting needs. If the complexity is beyond the capability of the system, you have the stable and secure support of the highly experienced OBCO team, which is present 24/7 at the back-end!
Accounting and tax advisors
are expensive
But you always need an advice or support
Whether it’s changes in the law, compliance or problems with increasing costs in the company.
Imagine how much easier it would become!
With  an advisor you don’t need to worry about financials in your company, you would always know what to do in any critical situations because you have a plan and all answers.
What solutions
We’ve developed
In this app?
Our features:
AI Tax assistant
gives you answers on the questions you have
Builds dashboards
and tracks movement of your money
AI based automated alerts and notes,
they improve as more you use the app
Invoicing system for compliance
with all necessary comments
Multi-layer approval, different levels of access that you can assign in Admin Panel
Data set is multi jurisdictional - especially cool if you’re operating in the whole region with all countries
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You will receive
• Up to date accounting and tax laws news
• Financial know-hows and guides
• Customized accounting and finance tools for your personal and professional needs.
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