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Pivotal Market Challenges

Critical Moments Indicating the Need for Business Transformation

Insufficient Technological Integration and Digitalization

  • Reliance on manual/offline invoice systems
  • Inaccurate reporting due to lack of precision
  • High payroll expenses resulting from inefficiencies
  • Outdated processes that have not kept pace with advancements
  • Limited industry awareness regarding modern accounting and tax solutions
  • Lengthy approval procedures with excessive layers leading to delayed decision-making
  • Complex and antiquated tools hindering efficiency

Excessive Complexity and Manual Procedures

  • Absence of real-time financial dashboards
  • Lack of customized dashboards tailored to specific roles within the organization
  • Complex reports that are challenging to navigate and extract relevant insights from

Absence of Stakeholder Dashboards and Customized Information Display

  • Inadequate provision of dashboards for stakeholders to access summarized information efficiently
  • Lack of indicators comparing metrics against previous periods
  • Cumbersome process of comparing numerical data without the aid of visual representations

Resulting in delayed data & decision making

  • Reporting with increased error rate potential
  • Fines or non compliance not detected

How We Solve It

OBCO's Proprietary Accounting Systems

Implementing Real-Time Dashboards

Develop beautiful, insightful and real-time dashboards in order for business decision makers to have access to information at the click of a button. Faster decisions leads to quicker turn-around of revenue.

Too Many Complicated and Manual Processes

· No real-time financial dashboards
· No custom dashboards for different roles within the company
· Reports are too complex to navigate and extract meaningful information from

Lack of Visual Representation

· No dashboarding or customized information for stakeholders to view at a glance
· No indicators of metrics against prior periods
· Too cumbersome to compare numbers instead of visuals

Resulting in delayed data & decision making

Reporting with increased error rate potential
Fines or non compliance not detected


How We Transform Companies


Discovery Call

We conduct an initial discovery session with the relevant stakeholders to determine objectives and set expectations of outcomes.



We develop a roadmap with the transformation plan: what we want to implement, a timeline, costs and savings you will potentially make (time and money).



Execution and delivery takes 2-7 months of implementation depending on the complexity of the company and problems.

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